Wyze Product Tease 💃

You mean specialer which is the root of peculiar. :grin:


Ok, commenters in descending order of peculiarity.


It’s my list. If you don’t like it, make your own. :slight_smile:


Slab is quite zany but Mavenhood has spoiled him (as it has so many others.) He is now channeling the energy into high post volume achieved through Superman thumbs. It’s impressive, and the users benefit, but I miss the old fish face. And I’m not being sarcastic. :slight_smile:

Carver is in a class of his own. He is shape-shifting weird. He has many chapters of weird ahead of him. I regret I may not live to see them all. :wink:

Pup is packing. Otherwise he’s more in the middle. image

Tom also packing but BB caliber so a little higher. :chipmunk:

Dog exhibits zany but I suspect he may be woke so restrained a bit by that. More exposure needed. But not in Mensa shorts. Please. :slight_smile:


Success! When froggy calls you weird, you know you’re in for an interesting life.


Think its supposed to be the OG flood light announcement.

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Hi Terry

Do you like the ‘tease’ style of advertising? Do you think it’s effective?

Welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:

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I like that we’re the same and different. It intrigues me. :slight_smile:

I’d say many here have an odd desire to count and measure things. I walked daily on the beach for a long while. One day, not right away, a woman asked how many miles do you walk. I said I don’t know. I start in the middle and go one way, turn back and go past the middle to the other way, turn back and walk to the middle and shower my feet. She had lost interest by that time of course. I’m not sure how long it took.


And here I never expected peep to qualify as a stereotype, but there you are with one of those “long walks on the beach” tropes. :rofl: Makes sense for my froggy friend to want to be near the water though. :frog:

I’m just jealous. I got into a pacing habit over a decade ago, but I don’t have such a beautiful environment to do it in, usually just do it at home. I can’t exactly list all the reasons I pace, but it does help me to think, relax, enjoy, or sometimes just clear and nothing. Doing so on a beach would be extra uplifting. My favorite vacation ever was in Hawaii…the beach, the water, walking or just floating on a boogey board watching the sunset, one of my favorite memories.


Yeah, it’s not our home beach but the next beach down, a real beach with vigorous shorebreak waves, lots of energy in the air, usually an onshore breeze. Yah!

Nice image of Hawaii on the board. I spent a couple of months there helping a friend with construction once. At the beach every day, usually twice. Rich deep fertile smells when you get into the hills. It was swell.

Also a pacer, don’t like to sit when on the phone. And I like to talk. :slight_smile:

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Well, this is interesting LMAO I am totally in Mensa shorts :nail_care: :rofl:

More exposure is always needed with me :wink: :smirk:


I would’ve never guessed… :thinking: :joy: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Reversing position re shorts. I will take a deep breath. Exhale. You may now expose to me whatever you wish. :slight_smile:

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I am not sure if @Seapup should take it as a compliment or not that peep thinks he’s the most normal and least weird/peculiar of the bunch here. :rofl: If Peep thinks you’re normal, does that mean you’re actually really weird, or if peep thinks you’re weird, does that actually make you normal? :thinking: I am not sure. :rofl:


Don’t encourage him. He’s already out of control on Discord.
Our bantering interactions are like daily entertainment for half the users over there :popcorn:
BUT everyone appears to love it because we’re rated very highly on the surveys…well, I am at least, he just tries to keep up, and at least he provides me some fuel. :slight_smile:


He laid one of these on me a few years ago (though not in public.)


And he has a modified Wyze Gun Safe. And God knows what else. So I tread lightly. :wink:

If he and his firearms tell me how he wants to be perceived, I will perceive him that way. It’s only fair. image

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The SO just reminded me of The Law of Holes. The SO know. I pause. :slight_smile:

A largely unseen scene. Contains a short burst of coarse language. Otherwise just adult. :slight_smile:

Memorial Day rap.