Wyze plugs KEEP going offline, with only fix being pulling it and replugging it in

I have two of the 2nd generation plugs, currently on Beta version The offline problem still exists. Both continue to go offline after about 4 days. The only change since running Beta is I no long need to delete and re-add the plugs after them go offline. A power cycle reconnects them.
I have Netgear R6000 tri-band router. To troubleshoot the problem, I un-merged (different System IDs) the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz bands and assigned fixed addresses to all Wyze products. Previously, before the V2 plug introduction, all and cams and 1st generation plug work without issue with merged 2.4 & 5Ghz bands and DHCP address assignments.

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I have 8 of 2nd generation plugs 4 have been offline for about a week they all have 1:2:0:179 on them. Waiting for a fix. At least when they went offline they were in the on condition and stayed on and the 8 camera’s kept working. Thanks for the info

I had a Wyze Plug V2 feeding power to a WCO Base station…. it became a blinker… in the OFF condition… so I lost all cloud recording ability from those four cameras overnight…. Guess what isn’t connected for that purpose anymore….


Of the 18 Wyze “smart” Plugs that I own, 4 are the post 2019 “CFH” models. I’ve never had an issue with the older plugs but the 4 newer ones have been problematic from the git-go. I’ll probably regret saying this but, for the last week or so, they have been behaving. Not a single blinker in that long of a period of time is a new record for me. I didn’t change anything. I wonder if Wyze has tripped over what was broken and fixed it on the sly?

I guess I’m lucky never had one go off line in the off condition they have always been in the on state. If one of my 4 camera’s that are on the blinkers go off line I will have to call my son and see if I can step him thru the reboot.

I’ve got 1 of 4 offline this morning. Firmware is Log 543753.

Gee Wild Bill that’s only 25% I seriously considering changing all 8 of mine to another brand. I just have to do some research and not jump from the frying pan into the fire. 4 of mine still blinking 4 working okay. All on firmware

I’ve got a mix. I have 8 or so kasa plugs plus two power strips. I also have z-wave light switches and outlets in SmartThings. The kasa plugs have been fairly resilient but even they have problems occasionally when I lose my internet connection or there is a power failure. However, they do recover if I just unplug them and then plug them back in. Haven’t had any issue with the power strips nor the z-wave stuff. Planning to purchase some YoLink switches for my shop to control the overhead lights, mainly because they will work without internet and the shop is about 300’ from the house which is one of the selling points for YoLink.

I also have 12 Wyze plugs, but only four are the newer, problematic ones.

Had another BLINKER today:
Log ID: 547485

Device Model: Wyze Plug v2

This is connected to my headboard light in the Master Bedroom. My wife says the light, which was off when I left for work this morning, turned on, and off a few times, and then settled in on staying ON for a few hours until she called me and I had her manually unplug the plug from the misbehaving ‘blinker’ Wyze Plug…

Had to delete it from the App, and add it back in.



Well, this thread is over 5-months old. With that said, I think this makes the 3-month anniversary since the problem started for most of us. The firmware release that came out 1/19/2022 started it all for me. WYZE continues to sell these plugs. At least those that buy them now can’t update to the problematic firmware.

Wyze Plug (2021 Version) Firmware (With Key Design) (February 28, 2022)

  • Improved network stability issues and overall connectivity performance
  • Fixed a bug that caused frequent connectivity issues

Note: Wyze Plug firmware is being paused as we look into reports of connectivity not being improved by this update and plugs that stop responding after updating. Some regain function a day or two later but others are still unresponsive. If this has happened to you, please reach out to Wyze Customer Support. (January 19, 2022)

  • Added Bluetooth firmware logs if the plug has trouble with setup

Note: This firmware is being halted due to an identified issue that causes the plug to go offline often. We have identified the root cause and are working on a firmware release that will fix the problem. (December 6, 2021)

  • Added support for Time of Day local scheduling (February 24, 2021)

  • Improved plug performance (January 18, 2021)

  • Fixed a bug that caused the status light to remain on

One would think that after this long with no fix, Wyze would at least repackage the last-known working firmware (126) as an update for those of us that took the 176/179/183 updates.

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Since they haven’t done so…I am left to assume that there is no way to roll back.

It does seem like they would at least go back to a firmware that I guess worked don’t know because when I bought my 2021 plugs 176 on them.

Posted over in the beta firmware thread they claim they solved the offline issue. Internal testing and a beta soon.

Thanks for the info. I’m ready to get this problem hopefully taken care of.

" So Sorry"
OHHH, that makes EVEYTHING better!! - that covers everything thats been going on for months. The 100% lack of communication and acknowledgement, the headache from non-stop reinstalling, the FORCED updates from a working to a non working firmware when you want to do a schedlue, The pet deaths, the costs of repairs, the need to have someone drive 14 miles a few times to unplug and replug, The fun of climbing ladders to get to the plugs to reset them, Should I go on?? I guess not because “So Sorry” wipes out any issues that happened

I think the last part is right, although worded wrong- it should say “best TO BUY FROM Wish.com” - yeah they take a bit longer to ship but its the same quality

“100% lack of communication and acknowledgement” is the MO of Wyze Support and the Company overall. The buyers are the Suckers. Another product release “Wyze Deadbolt” :worried:

yeah- I saw that- I cant wait for the 1yr battery life to die at 1 month and people get locked out of thier homes because it doesnt have a key and really, who is going to carry a usb-c battery pack with them in case the battery dies?? I also had to laugh because it said -Dont worry if someone sees you enter your secret code because you can add random numbers before and after the real one and it will still work-- Well doesnt that mean if the person watching Also adds those same wrong numbers it will work for them also??

That makes sense but sometimes firmware buildouts are built as updates on the existing rather than complete overwrites. One’s fear is a failure in that process turns it into a brick. I’m just guessing here but they just may be too far into it for that too work.

I can verify, as was posted in the other thread, that they are currently internally testing a fix for this.

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