Wyze plugs KEEP going offline, with only fix being pulling it and replugging it in

I have it installed on 4 plugs but it’s only been 24 hours.

The good news is my internet sucks so after a week we’ll know if flaky wifi causes problems or not.

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I’m running v1.2.0.183 and I’ve opted in for the Beta on all my wyze products. I don’t recall when that was installed. I have had one blinker in the garage the same day as the mini-outage on 04-05. My three other wyze plugs have not had a ‘blinker’ event in awhile.


I also have 6 cams and 6 wyze 2021 plugs to use for the same purpose. Fortunately the plugs retain there on/off status as 3 plugs are off line right now. I haven’t tried the beta program yet for the plugs waiting for some feedback to see if the problem is corrected.

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Its pretty sad you have to buy a 2nd device to keep the 1st device working properly and then that 2nd device is not reliable so maybe Purchasing a 3 device to keep the other 2 working will be required?


LOL - For a minute I did think about stacking my plugs and then plugging my cam into a stack of 2 plugs. And yes, it is very sad that several of us bought these plugs such that we could power cycle our WYZE cams when they flake out.

Unfortunately the plugs have been the second most flaky WYZE product I have purchased to date. The v1 outdoor cam still takes the prize as far as I’m concerned.

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Applied beta to 4 Plug 2021s and going well so far after 3 days.

Things look good with the beta. There are a lot of plugs running it now and haven’t heard of any issues. Promising.

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Good to hear! But I’ll give the jury some more time. I had some go longer than 10 days without failure then have multiple failures within a few days.

Thanks I will give it a try. Just checked again 2 of 6 off line.

Mine somehow managed to stay up for two months on the old firmware, so call me sceptical… Mine have been on the new firmware for several days without going offline, but who knows. Too soon to tell.

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Sure hope I don’t have hook up a 3rd device to keep things working. I am going to try the beta release that users say is reliable.

same here I might wait just a little longer also. Just glad the plugs remember there last on/off state so the camera does stay on but no way to reset it remotely with out the plug working if camera goes off line.

Thanks for info please post any more. Going to wait a little bit to see how this new beta works before giving it a try.

I’m just joining the chorus on this sad hymn about Wyze Plug.

I just have two (decided to test the waters before jumping in) and both disconnect about once a week.
Funny thing, they always seem to disconnect really early in the morning (about 2 AM) and the blinking blue light is easy to notice in the dark rooms. Most of the time they do not disconnect at the same time. And they just stay blinking, waiting to be connected, for hours.

Both have the CFH denomination and now are running on - It seems this version adds more stability, I’ve been monitoring this thread for a while and decided to post now, but they have not disconnected for more than a week now. Mmmm.

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Sad to say, that even with, the issue is not fixed.

I installed this beta version on four plugs. It’s been, maybe 5-6 days?? Can’t remember exactly when I did it.

In any case, last night I rebooted my access point and this one plug failed to come back. It’s fast blinking it’s blue light. Tried just unplugging it and back, didn’t work. Had to do the reinstall.

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Sad to hear but consistent to what I found on .179 firmware.

I had a really unstable cable connection for a while that caused my router to reboot as often as once a day. During that time, the plugs were a nightmare. Once that was repaired, they became much more reliable but not ‘cured’. The time period changed from one to three days blinking to as much as almost two weeks. But no consistency.

I was sitting thinking about this and thinking about the number of connected devices I have. Even during the worst of the connection issues and router reboots, only these plugs failed to reconnect. And more often than not, they are reset to no longer being part of the app, requiring a reinstall. It’s as if they do a complete reset to factory setup. Coming from higher end business IT world, I don’t reboot my router unless there is a reason. But I do know that they reboot for push updates and power glitches. I haven’t checked the logs nor do I care to for the sake of these plugs.
As I’ve said in other posts, these plugs need to be viewed as part of a security system and have reliability that goes with that. Sure, they can be ‘lazy’ turn on the lamp gizmos, but they need to provide a level of service if someone wants to use them while away or as part of a trigger rule.

You need to post this in the applicable beta topic for Wyze dev visibility. Also, please submit a log file and post Log ID when you encounter issues to help developers pinpoint the issue. Beta topic for firmware is located here:

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LOL - Maybe that’s how it is supposed to work, but clearly that is not how it has been working. If that were the case and the BETA threads were read by “WYZE dev” teams then .179 would have never been released! Go back and look at all of the complaints about that version of firmware in that BETA thread. All the comments and logs that were submitted didn’t stop WYZE from releasing the firmware to the public then pulling it less than 3-days later.

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Four plugs in the house, one flasher this morning, the plug at my desk, all four devices are close to a Wireless AP (Netgear Nighthawk Mesh system.)

Log ID: 538958


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Those are two distinct issues. Wyze developers read and comment to beta topics…go back and read the beta topic. I have no idea why and when Wyze chooses to push a firmware update.