Wyze Plug: Runtime Graph is Misleading

When looking at the Runtime graph for “Today”, it displays two single axis charts with time intervals for AM & PM. One would likely assume these show WHEN the plug is On and WHEN it is Off; but that is not the case.

Instead, they show the “amount of time” it was on each hour; e.g. if the total duration it was on during the hour was 20 minutes, then the hour would be filled for the first 1/3rd, and the remaining 2/3rds would be empty. (A more accurate representation of what it is trying to convey could have been bar charts.)

While the current implementation might provide value to some users, I expect most users really want to know when the device is turned on/off. See the following Wish List:

In the following screenshot, the device was turned on at 8:53pm (so it was on the last 7 minutes in the 8pm timeframe). Note how the start of the 8pm timeframe is filled (instead of the end).

Next the device was turned off at 9:08 and back on at 9:31 (so it was on for 37 minutes in the 9pm timeframe). Note how the start of the 9pm timeframe is filled (instead of 8 mins at the start and 29 at the end).

For the 10pm timeframe, I toggled the device a number of time: 10:05 OFF; 10:26 ON - 10:37 OFF; 10:49 ON - 10:59 OFF; i.e. 5 mins, 11 mins, & 10 mins. Note how the 10pm timeframe does not show the different time periods it was On.

I also can’t explain the small 7pm blip; i.e. the device was not on during the 7pm timeframe. FYI: The current hour will not fully populate until several mins into the next hour; e.g. the 8pm block might update around 9:07pm (though it can be much later; e.g. the 10pm did not update until 11:31).

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