Wyze Plug - Expand History (on/off times, power usage, usage stats longer than 7 days, etc.)

We need an historic record of on/off times for the Wyze Plug. This would help in reviewing usage, planning, and troubleshooting.

It would also be nice if the off time included the power used during the on period.

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Add functionality to the Wyze Plug to give you statistics on power utilization to allow for true smart plug functionality.

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Just to clarify, the History Record would simply be a list of timestamps and device state. For example:

  • Tue 05/16/23 02:47:23 On
  • Tue 05/16/23 02:56:17 Off
  • Tue 05/16/23 21:06:52 On
  • Wed 05/17/23 07:39:01 Off

This would really help in conveying more details regarding issues; e.g:


I agree. We currently have only a 24-hour/current-day average with colored timelines and a 7-day average vertical bar chart.

Need to see some granular/raw data stats for daily, weekly, monthly and annual time periods.

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Plus one vote from me!

A device log and actual power throughput usage stats would be a great addition and enhance the user experience. Add into the log “How” it was actioned: App, Button, Rule, Automation.

And… A Rule History accessible for just that device without all the others mixed in.



SlabSlayer, Excellent point about knowing how it was actioned!!!

  • Tue 05/16/23 07:47:23 On (Button)
  • Tue 05/16/23 09:47:23 Off (Rule: Two Hour)
  • Tue 05/16/23 21:06:52 On (App: Chris)
  • Wed 05/17/23 23:00:00 Off (Rule: 11 PM)

i.e. includes rule name and the app user.

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