Wyze Plug - GARBAGE

I use the plugs to turn the lights on in my AV rack when I open the door so I can see what I’m working on and adjusting. Especially when I’m changing out cables and things like that. when you’re trying to track things down you need a light. Having it come on when the door opens and then going off and the door closes is extremely handy.

I bought a $8 motion activated LED light from Ikea to do that in my closets where I wanted light.

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Lol. I had the same idea but went a different route. I put Wyze bulbs in our master closet and a contact sensor on the door. Then in our mud/laundry room from garage I put a Wyze motion sensor and bulbs. The motion sensor catches the door to/from garage and to/from house. Very handy when packed down with groceries from garage or laundry baskets from the house.


So…now each one of my WZYE plugs is going “offline” one after the other with like 30 min in between each. Now, the LED is flashing, but my Wifi AP controller still shows the plug as connected fine.

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I think you definitely need to get support involved.

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Hanvt gotten a response back. was over a week ago now.
What they goona do anyway…its a plug, not much to trouble shoot. clearly an issue on their server side sync if plugs are going offline with the account, but not users wifi.
The 2 plugs at my folks house were doing it to, and the 4 at my friends, and the 5 at their neighbors. They got sent a copy paste robo link to the FAQ page on connectivity issues, so very useful. lol.

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If it’s within a small area I’m wondering it it’s your internet provider having a issue?

Nothing else on my network was having any issues.
My Unifi controller did indicate the plug was having issues resolving DNS.
At least the LED on my plugs was flashing to indicate some issue…the one at my folks house that was Offline via the app, the LED was on solid as if no issue.

Is there a manual or guide for the LED flashing, like is there different types of flashes for different issues etc? or does it only just have one flashing rate for anything?

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I believe one rate

All my plugs are offline in the app, and are blinking.
My Ubiquiti Unifi Controller still shows them as connected though.
I am able to click Re-connect and that does in fact work as it forces a reconnect/re-authentication.

Anyone with Unifi AP have any ideas as to a setting or something i could tweak to stop my plugs from doing this?


Have you seen this thread? WYZE Plugs and Ubiquiti Unifi issues

Looks like it might be what you are looking for.

Wyze plugs are junk. It goes offline a lot. The rules works like crap and it stops working. I think the programers at Wyze should just stick to cameras. They can barely do that. They are super sloppy programmers. I can definitely do better than those amateurs.

It has been 7 months since a complaint here. What specific issues are you experiencing? This is a user-to user forum, but you can also contact Wyze Support directly at +1 (206) 339-9646 Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT, & Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT (add 3 hours for ET times).

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Inconsistencies with the switch. Nothing tech support can help with. Last time I told them the switch was offline they said to replug it. But it was happening all the time. The techs are stupid. They are just lazy and they didn’t want to help me or didn’t know how. Getting a hold of tech is a miracle. The phone number you gav me is not even on their website, Yesterday, all of my swithches showed they were off when they were on. This was all day. I guess you get what you pay for. $20 is $20 worth of crap.

There was a service outage yesterday that would have affected your plugs. If your plug is having problems otherwise (and is close to your router) you should call for a replacement.

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You make no sense!!! a power outage will affect the cameras too. You are so full of [Mod Edit]

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There was no power outage, but rather a server processing issue. A “service outage”. And yes, that has the potential to affect ALL Wyze devices.


Mine have always worked fine, if my internet goes down they reconnect on their own, in 5 months with three of them I had one incident with one plug that seemed to not want to turn off, I manually pushed the button to turn it off and then it suddenly is obeying commands again. These plugs have been turning off and on daily running at maximum and over rated loads running a pump and some high powered lights. I’m keeping an eye on the one plug. I brought these at a home depot on sale for $5.00, I’d be very hard pressed to ask for more reliability from any product considering cost vs reliability. Realistically these things are amazing at this cost.
I’ve noticed the issues of which you speak, the unreliable connections etc… I traced it to a junky linksys router that had very poorly written firmware. I replaced it with one I loaded DD-wrt on and never have any sort of connection issues even running a cam over 100 yards away.

I use 12 plugs and all function well on schedules, forced ON/OFF cycles through the app, and also manually by pressing the button. It may be a helpful reminder that the plugs must be setup initially while connected to a 2.4GHz WiFi network, not 5GHz.

But, one of these plugs now has a non-functioning blue Status LED. It is apparently burned out. It is a major chore to re-install a plug with a non-functioning LED because you need to see that LED flash in order to know when to initiate the pairing process during installation. I’ve been waiting since 13 January for a response to my warranty claim and hope Wyze will respond soon.

I have 7x V1 plugs that have randomly gone offline for a few years ( So this issue is not just for V2s.

I got everything perfectly setup last night. I told my Smart speaker “good night” and it went through and turned off a ton of these plugs overnight. I woke up this morning and told my smart speaker “good morning” and it screamed at me that all these plugs were all offline. I checked the Wyze app; yup 6 were offline and 1 was online. I didn’t do anything to the plugs but just waited a few hours; 6 are now online but 1 is offline.

Whatever the issue is; it created itself randomly and somewhat resolved itself randomly on the V1s. It will probably be an issue again. I’m monitoring the 1 “offline” plug. It’s flashing blue, has a valid DHCP IPv4 reservation, and is actively communicating on the network the same as the other plugs that are online (same Rx/Tx).