Wyze Pan V3 Playback Issues

I just recently purchased this camera and was very excited, but I’ve encountered a few issues. It was mounted with the bracket upside down, firstly after installation it would not pan more than 2 inches each way, I had to turn it off various times until it somehow reset and now it pans ok, but if I pan it all the way one way it sometimes gets stuck there and won’t pan back.
But that is not my major problem, playback is the biggest problem. When going through continuous recording it keeps jumping from the time I’m scrolling to. Say if I go to time 8:45:45 it’ll randomly scroll to 7:59:59. Even if hold the scrolling to 8:45:45 it won’t show me that time, it’ll jump to a different time. The only way to get to a specific time is to go by 30 second skips which is endless. I have no playback issues with any of the other cams.