Wyze pan n tilt is no recording on the cloud

Hi, I have the Wyze cam 2 with sd inside, and the pan n tilt without sd. Both cameras are not recording to the cloud. I have the motion alert to all day and I played with the sensitivity and when I go to album to see alerts there nothing there. Anybody experience the same?

same i have two and neither will record… also not recording to sd card… i gave up and got another v2 no pan camera works fine… i believe there is a batch of bad cameras, but when i called support they know nothing about it… I have two older pan /scan at another house and they are working fine.

The Pan Cams require a MUCH higher sensitivity than the V2 cameras. Set it up to around 80 and it should work.


nope tried all the way up to 100 no reacording and no motion taggin