Wyze Pan Cam - B&W only

New camera. Worked fine for 2 days. Then noticed the feed is on B&W only. Night mode is off or auto… and its perfectly bright in the room. Cant shift it from B&W display. Unless I can get a solution its going back. Appreciate any advice. Cheers, Steve

Unplug and plug it back in, or try cycling the night vision settings.

done that and tried the magnet thing I read elsewhere - which introduces little slivers of magenta here and there. Sounds like a stuck IR filter and I have to return it?

This is a user forum, if you want you can submit a support ticket and see how the Wyze folks can give you a hand. If you go that route make sure you update this thread so if anyone else sees it they can see a resolution also. Thanks :slight_smile:

yup done thx!

they said try set up again. no joy. they conceded defeat and its getting replaced.

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