Wyze Outdoor vs Arlo Essential

I ordered the Wyze Outdoor to replace my Arlo Essential. Both are/were/new products with not a ton of information out there.

My question is about the integration of Wyze products with any Wyze servers/services. Up to now (prior to the installation of the Arlo), none of the cameras, DVRs, or NVRs communicated with the manufacturers or vendors servers.

Will the Outdoor rely on Wyze’s servers for live stream nd notifications?

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Yes, the camera will require connection to the base station and Wyze’s servers.

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Thanks. So the setup is essentially the same as Arlo. Is there a way around this by assigning fixed IP addresses and using either port forwarding or a VPN?

No, not currently. RTSP hasn’t been released for the WCOs yet.

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