Wyze Outdoor RTSP support

Bought Wyze due to what I thought was RTSP support come to find out the outdoor cam does not have it as an option. I understand battery life would be less but why not give the consumer the option?

Welcome to the Wyze community @steinhk6!
Battery life would most likely not last more then a day. If your going to keep the camera plugged in, you might as well use a V2 or V3(RTSP coming soon!). The WCO also has different firmware requirements meaning a version of the RTSP firmware would need to be made for the WCO itself.
You can also take a look at the #wishlist item for this here:

Just to add another perspective, having a camera with a battery, especially one which can be charged via a solar panel, improves the use of the camera for security purposes. Currently, if someone wants to disable the Wyze cameras, they need only to disrupt power to those cameras. Battery operated cameras do not have this security limitation. Clearly, if a battery operated camera is constantly streaming, then the battery life is limited. As stated, though, if the camera is being constantly viewed live through the app, the battery life is just as limited. It is also limited because the camera captures events like trees waving or shadows moving or pixelation. We all understand the limitations in place when adding RTSP to a battery operated camera. Please allow the owners who understand about RTSP to manage battery life and do not limit the camera usage because an engineer believes that it could be incorrectly utilized.