Wyze outdoor plug current sensing

I would like to use my outdoor plug to control my shop vac/dust collector in my wood shop.
Ideally when it senses a current draw from my saw/router/sander plugged into say port 1, it would then turn on port 2 which my vacuum would be turned on. There are smart plugs out there that currently do the same thing and am wondering if this would be done with the Wyze outdoor plug as well. I have attached a picture of a similar product.

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Great idea. I bet the circuitry even supports it.

However, if this relied on a cloud server app rule it would probably be too slow and unreliable to use effectively.


Commercial Usage

I would love to make my woodshop smart. Meaning, if I turn on a saw, planer, etc., my dust collection automatically turns on. I use Wyze for everything and would love if they had a commercial applications series.