Wyze Outdoor Cam work if batteries dead but always plugged in to wall outlet?


I purchased multiple Wyze Cam Outdoor starter bundle kits at a super great price. I read all over about the battery life. I am worried about long term battery life and have a question about when the batteries no longer hold a charge down the road.

I can’t find any information about if these cameras will run on wired usb power if the batteries have failed on this forum or reddit. The only information is the generic response on the Wyze website and would like to verify they will work soley on wired usb power based on other users experience.

Will these Wyze Cam Outdoor cameras still work as normal using only the usb power wire supplied and with no battery charge? Or will the cameras become nothing but useless deathstar looking paperweights?

Thanks in advance!

Source - https://support.wyze.com/hc/en-us/articles/360042570292-Will-the-camera-still-work-if-I-leave-it-plugged-into-power-

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They should work with power, but the cams haven’t been around for long enough for anyone to use tested that. If you are able to power them, then a wired v3 camera would be better.

I suppose it depends on how the batteries fail. If they short, you may not be able to power the camera, period. However, if they just stop holding a charge, then you may be able to power the camera 24/7.

If one does fail on you outside of warranty, then you may want to look into a repair if you are handy. A YouTube video may tell you how to disassemble it.

As for that Wyze warning above, you definitely don’t want to use a standard USB cable to power it outdoors. That will eliminate the waterproof rating, and possibly flood the camera. However – Wasserstein sells a proper cable on Amazon, attaches it to a 25ft cord, and throws in an INDOOR power adapter too (don’t use that adapter outdoors without proper shelter!):



My Wyze Cam Outdoor battery recently died and will not hold a charge. Tried a number of variations to see if I could get it to take a charge with no luck. It was always recharged through the hub and supplied USB cord. What has surprised me is it will not run even with it plugged into the hub; no hookup, no camera view, no video, etc. I have 10 other Wyze cameras but only this one Outdoor version. I won’t buy another battery powered cam that does not have easily replaced batteries.

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