Wyze Outdoor Cam range

Not sure if this is the correct topic description but I am hoping to understand if there is anything I can do to extend the range for my Outdoor Cam while in Travel Mode. I am hoping to use is as a rear view camera of sorts out the back of my trailer while underway.

Testing has revealed in Travel Mode and my IPad Pro connected to the Wyze Wifi signal generated by the camera I am getting a good stable image up to about 25 feet - maybe 30. To have this work the camera would need to be able to reliably transmit 40 feet when I am in the car driving, and it essentially shows the last image frozen after 30.

Is there something that can be done to extend the range?

Welcome to the forum! Perhaps you can adjust the mount location so that it’s not behind any metal or objects that may impede or disrupt signal? Most every “wireless backup camera system” I see when I google show that the camera and the receiving screen have an external antenna that helps big with reception, neither of which the wco or the iPad have.

Thank you for the welcome, I can see lots of opportunities to learn through the forum.

Moved the camera to the roof and got another foot or so. Moved it to the drivers side of the trailer in line of sight and it got another foot or so. All in all I think I can get what I am looking for. However, it would be nice to have the ability to boost the signal somehow.

Thanks for your speedy response.

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What is the range “line of sight” between the base station and the camera?

Welcome to the forums! Looks like 300 feet. But that would be under super ideal conditions I bet.

More info here:

Thank you

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I have been struggling getting good information from WYZE on travel mode. Finally I did. I had hoped I could be at our Tucson house with the base station and WIFI and the camera at our 50 acres in CA using the travel mode where WIFI was not necessary. Eventually they responded with " since your camera will be on travel mode, it won’t be paired anymore with the base station but with your mobile phone instead. Furthermore, your camera and your phone will create a hotspot with a certain range which makes them continuously connected. The estimated distance of your phone to the camera in travel mode should be 15 - 20 ft at max so you can still view its Livestream."

So travel mode won’t work for me but should for you, since your camera is close to a satellite device. However, I just tested this out by taking my phone next to the camera and I had the same problem you did, it locked up. So I think WYZE needs to work on the locking up issue before this feature is useful.