Wyze Outdoor Cam almost missed coyote walking past it

I have two WOC camera’s facing downhill behind my house. one is Center of the hill facing west, the other is at the east side of the property, facing west.

There is a wildlife trail that goes from bottom West of the hill to East top of the Hill

After charging them, I place them at this two places on the block wall, changing the angle a little bit (by choice, and not by choice, as it never is in the same exact place (they just sit on the block wall.)

So, this time around, I see a coyote in the center of the hill in the ‘dark’ distant area that the center camera can ‘see’

But, when the coyote walks past the WOC camera on the East side of the hill, the WOC almost misses his him walking by.

Is this due to the Block wall that it’s sitting on preventing the camera from ‘seeing’ him further down the hill, and detecting him so late into his trot up the hill?


Posted: 06-12-2021

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how far away was he in that first clip? It looks like it might be on the edge of the rage of the PIR sensor. that might be why it was almost missed.

Hello Bam,
First Clip is not an issue, I understand why the WOC might of started recording when it did on that one.

2nd Clip, where the Coyote is almost past the camera, it starts to record just as he’s leaving the field of view. I’d of thought, he’s much closer to this camera than the first one. the East Camera should of started him much sooner than it did.

I’m assuming the block wall seen in that clip, is what is blacking the PIR from seeing him until he’s almost out of the view of the camera?


Same Camera, two Raccoons this time. I think the block wall to the left is causing issues. I’ll rotated the camera out further to where the block wall is not ‘in view’


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