Wyze Nite Lights

I received the preorder email from Wyze less than two weeks for the nite lites that are coming out. Today when I went to order them all I find on the website is an email me when available button that doesn’t work. I’m disappointed I couldn’t order the lites and now I’m wondering how long are these pre-order emails good - a week?
Appreciate thoughts and general experience pre-ordering

The pre-order provides for a set amount of the product. Once they are sold out, that’s it. The time length varies. Some items sell out fast, some take a couple of weeks or longer.

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As @towelkingdom mentioned, this is only a pre-order so there is usually a set amount of units available for purchase. Depending on demand and amount, they may all sell out in one day or it could be a few weeks.

My suggestion is if you really want something in pre-order, get to ordering as soon as you can.
If you go to the Wyze Night Light product page, you can leave your email to get a notification when the it’s back in stock. I tested it and it validated that an email will be sent.
The Wyze Night Light will be back in stock when it officially launches, no date has been announced for this yet.