Wyze night light size!

Did anyone expect the night light to be smaller than a credit card?

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I was hoping the were small… pleasant surprise when i opened the box this week!

I was pleasantly surprised by their size…

And they illuminate very well. I have them in staircases. 5 synced in one staircase and 4 in the other.
These tend to get little attention in the forums so I was going to put a video together showing operation of, just haven’t gotten around to it yet.


I’m just figuring them out. Have 3 synced. 1 is in the dark laundry room. Couldn’t figure out why it kept coming on (I could see the light from under the door). I guess when I move in front of another from it’s set and it’s in the dark, it comes on. Smart. I’ll just remove that one from the set, but neat that it works that way.