Wyze monitoring system


I have moved homes and therefore, decided to try Wyze home monitoring system as I have a lot of connected wyze products. Previously, I was using Simplisafe. With Simplisafe, in the I’m Home status, the alarm would still be active barring motion sensors and if a door waa opened, we would get warning signals and either we would disarm the system to exit or close the door.

With Wyze, there is zero warning in the I’m Home status. Doors can be opened and there’s nothing different than if the system was disarmed. What am I missing here?


Karthik Sampath

Are you either excluding or adding the sensors that you want to the home and away sensor groups? You can customize what sensors you want “armed” for each system status. If I am understanding your issue, it sounds like you need to add these doors you mentioned to the “home” group.


Thanks so much. I didn’t realise we had to add the sensors within the monitoring system space. I assumed since the sensors were connected to the hub, that is all that was needed.

Thanks for the clarification.

Karthik Sampath