Wyze Lock Recalibration

We have a wyze lock and, for the past two weeks, it has been needed to be recalibrated one to three times a day (it could be more but I’ve never had the patience to do more than that in one day). I’ve checked the logs and it frequently misses when the door opens/closes/locks/unlocks and will lock immediately after opening on many occasions. This has been really annoying but, more importantly, it is begining to cause damage as it locks while the door is being closed. I’ve tried to contact wyze for help three times but haven’t been able to each time so far.

I really liked Wyze when they first started up but with the blatantly dishonest marketing that I’ve experienced, and now with these issues and no support, I’m really thinking I can’t rely on them for any more products. Any advice?

I’m not sure what’s changed since, but I pre-ordered a lock and ended up having it replaced three times, with all of the replacements having the same issue. I was recalibrating at least once a day and Wyze could never identify the problem.

I ended up sending it back for a refund and using a different smart lock.