WYZE Lock - Make Geofence Adjustable

Unfortunately I am returning my Wyze Lock as the auto unlock feature, for what I bought the lock for does not work in my situation. THERE IS NO WAY TO ADJUST THE SIZE OF THE GEOFENCE. We live in a condo community - pretty large BUT the only way auto unlock would work for me is if I got in my car and drove about a 1/4 mile from my apartment. Most of our movement is within the community, say to a neighbor - not far enough away to trigger the auto unlock feature. Otherwise a great lock. When an adjustable geofence feature is available I will be back. (need to adjust it down to 100 feet or even less.)

should allow the user to set some parameters to what the Geofencing distance should be.


Agree wholeheartedly with Steven. I understand that geofencing is there to prevent the lock from constantly opening when you’re near the door but there should be the ability to adjust the parameters or set up a routine that would trigger the reopening. I also find that if I have gone outside the geofencing area and I linger too long in my car or do not come directly upstairs to my condo, the geofencing times out and Auto Unlock doesn’t work.


This is not a new subject. I returned my lock because, living in an apartment, I had to go a minimum of 1/8 mile from my door to make the geo fence unlock. I bet it you came up with an adjustable, say down to 20 feet, geo fence your lock sales will skyrocket. There have been too many posts with this complaint. GreatBUT.



We just installed the lock yesterday, and love it. Yes, the Geofence range size is VERY problematic.

If we visit a park behind our house and come within 2 bocks of our small subdivision, it is in range to unlock.

We need something like 100 feet (30 meters?) to be useful.

If you need a software reference check out Hubitat, their software uses mainly open source to provide similar function for geofencing.

Also, is there a way to have the iPhone version use Google Maps instead of Apple Maps? In our area Google Maps has much more detail and my wife would really like the option. I use Android.


Simply entering the geofence will not unlock your lock, you need to also come within the Bluetooth range of your gateway.

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Don’t worry everyone, even when the geofence size isn’t a problem, auto-unlock barely ever works anyway :wink:


My new Wyze Lock was easy to install and is working great, as it was intended. Like others I did not realize the Geofence was not adjustable. I would love to get the maximum convenience and pleasure from this product but that is not happening yet. Wyze, please listen, the Geofence size must be made adjustable. Thanks from a fan who has six additional Wyze products and four Cam Plus subscriptions.

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I agree with everyone else. I need the lock to recognize that I have left my home at a much smaller distance. My brother lives next door to me and when I go to his house and return the lock does not recognize that I left and returned.


Just wanted to tell everyone who’s following this that location-based rules (with adjustable size on geofence) have been added for some people in app version 2.23! Check and see if they’re there for you and can help you solve this issue.

If they aren’t there yet - don’t fret! The update will be coming to you soon :slight_smile:

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I agree. My door unlocks when I drove by my street.

Reducing the geofence area

I would like to be able to adjust the geofence so my door doesn’t unlock when I drive by my street.


I am one of the original posters to this discussion. Please clarify - Is the geo-fence now adjustable? I live in an apartment and when I had installed a lock it would not unlock unless I travelled about 1/8 mile from my door - so I returned the lock.
Thanks, Steve

Hello All,

I’ve had my lock for about 3 weeks and here is what I’ve found regarding the auto unlock feature:

I agree that the geo-fence should be adjustable and I have voted for it, however geofencing is not exactly accurate, I have found sometimes if I walk my dog two blocks away it unlocks and other days it doesn’t, yes make it adjustable. There is another thing that can factor into this, the Bluetooth connection, here is the way I think it works.

When you leave the house the lock auto locks, when you go outside the geofence a marker is set in the app, when you return inside the geofence perimeter a marker is set in the app that you are now inside the geofence. When you approach your door and come within range of bluetooth the door should unlock. The other day I returned home and the door was still locked and I was getting the phone out to unlock and it did it by itself. So I am thinking that if when you walk up to the door give it a couple seconds. I also moved the Gateway into an outlet within 4 feet of the door, that helped the Bluetooth to kick in faster .

I love this lock and I hope Wyze will add the adjustable geofence and also a push notification when the geofence away trigger is set :grinning:


Wyze Lock Geofence Manual Size Increase

On most smart phones, it is not uncommon for the local cell tower location to be used for your location if a GPS lock cannot be obtained. This causes a problem for Wyze Lock’s Auto Unlock feature because Wyze interprets your location as the center of the location likelihood circle. If your local cell tower is outside of the small geofenced area, your door will auto unlock when your position snaps back inside the geofenced area, even if you never left home.

I’d like the ability to manually increase the radius of the geofenced area so it encompasses my local cell towers. This way I don’t leave “home” until I actually get far away. This will cut down on the random unlocks.

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Sorry to hear you’re having random unlocks. Myself and many others have the opposite problem of it not automatically unlocking when it should. 90% of the time it does not work. When it does work, it’s such a pleasant surprise, we think we hit the lottery!

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Geofencing definitely needs tobe adjustable for the auto unlock feature to be useful


I am an Engineer and worked on similar products, this should be easily fixable.

The simplest solution is to give the user the option to opt out of geo-fencing and to use only bluetooth to auto-unlock!

This is the greatest problem about this lock honestly, otherwise it’s on par with other locks like August.

I live in a condo too, if I go down to lobby to pick up a parcel and back up, I have to go through the app to unlock because it won’t auto-unlock due to geo fencing.

This a common problem of over engineering… connecting to bluetooth to auto-unlock is more than secure!

Overall however, good job making this easy to use lock, but had to be returned because of this issue.


Could you please implement a way to set the radius of the auto unlock feature?
The default is too big and it covers multiple streets where I live.
Thank you

Oh. It’s been one year and nothing was done?
And the feature stopped working altogether now, after 2 days.