Wyze Lock - Keep Door open without draining batteries and requiring re-calibration

I would like to be able to keep the door open for ventilation without having to re-calibrate the door. Right now I have to turn off Auto-Lock and in order to keep from draining the batteries, Door Position has to be turned off, which necessitates re-calibration. As nothing changes regarding the relative positions of the door, lock, and frame when the door is closed I don’t see why re-calibration is necessary.


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wyze lock: option to disable required recalibration pop-up

Hi !
I am a Wyze lock user. Please let users disable wyze lock *Required Calibration pop-up window.
In daily operation my door is open /ajar because of this the app keeps asking me to recalibrate the lock after every few days. it only requires 10 lines of code to fix. Under settings to have option to disable forced calibration (on/off) . we know when the door is closed or not, visually. This helps with lock daily operation without seeing the annoying recalibration required pop every time. The second solution is even better to disable the pop up, and keep the recalibrate feature accessible via a button only.

I think this is a great idea. I would also include the ability to set an unlock time of greater than 1 hour (house party, cleaning service, etc.). If a time > 1hour is selected, when that time expires, have it revert to 5 minutes.


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This issue can easily be resolved with 10 lines of code to disable re-calibration feature if necessary.

so, if lock is properly calibrated ( it does not ask for calibration every time) the lock will drain the batteries in about 2.5 months, with door open most of the time. like in home door for example. however, with a simple GUI toggle switch to turn on/off calibration, the drain on the battery will not happen and it will last for very long period of time.

ability to turn off calibration should be a feature


would be wonderful to have a way to disable this pop-up via app.