Wyze Lock Gateways keep disconnecting. No solution and Wyze Support has no fix or replacements

My 2 Wyze Lock Gateways keep disconnecting. I did all the tests and resets. This does not happen to the Wyze plugs or cameras on the same network, so it must be some problem with the firmware since it worked fine for 1.5 years then after firmware update this started. WiFi is all 4 bars on. Unplug and power reset gets it to work for a while (a few hours).

Buyer beware because the response I got is:
“As of this time, Wyze also does not have a technician that can make repairs to our products.”
“All we can do is to perform the troubleshooting. But for technicians who can repair the devices, is currently not available. I will forward this concern to my team so that we can make this kind of option available in the future.”

As I suggested to your other post:

Nope - not addressing the problem. Thx

No recent firmware updates for the lock:

Also you said in the title no fix or replacement which is why I posted the link for the parts kit, with the gateway.