Wyze Lock - Failing to unlock on approach

I recently purchased my mother a Wyze Lock bundle. Installation was sooo smooth and she loves it!

The problem is, the unlock on approach feature isn’t working. Over the last month of use, it’s successfully unlocked when arriving only once or twice. All firmware is up-to-date and the gateway is only (3) feet from the door/lock. Bluetooth is enabled as well as location services.

Can anyone share some insights into making this work? Do we have a malfunctioning device?

I tried to research this further and found this thread; however, I’m not sure there was ever really a resolution.


It has been a while since I have used the Wyze Lock. The things I do recall:

Do not have the Wyze app open when you approach as it will cancel the auto-open.

The lock needs to see two things for it to open, you must enter the geofence and then connect via bluetooth. I sometimes had to wait a few seconds at the door before it would open because I would reach the door prior to the bluetooth connection was made. To test that, next time I would stand at the door a minute and see if it opens, if it doesn’t you may want to then contact support.


Thanks, Jason. I’ll give this a try and troubleshoot further. Have a wonderful week. :slight_smile:

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