Wyze Light Switch Vacation Help

I have 3 of the switches and would like to set them up so when we are gone they come on like someone is home. I have not been able to find a way to do it. Any help? Mike

There does not appear to be a Vacation Mode for the switch. However, you do have a couple options:

  • You can set a schedule to turn lights on and off at certain times per day.


  • If you have a spare Wyze Plug, you could set that for Vacation mode. Then set a Rule to power on the switch when the plug goes on and off when the plug goes off.
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The setting is under Controls on the Switch Home Page:


Thanks for the info. Not sure how I missed that.


I don`t see any information on the Vacation mode and only says on or off . Does it turn lights on and off randomly all day or only after dark? and if after dark all night ? Do you have to set it up ? I just installed four of these switches and find information a little vague .

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I believe vacation mode is similar for all products that have it:

  • Vacation Mode turns your lights on and off at random intervals between 6AM-9AM, and 6PM-11PM local time, when you’re most likely to use your lights.
  • The light will turn on for between 5 minutes to a full 60 minutes.
  • The light will turn on at least once per hour.
  • While Vacation Mode is active, it will remain on until you turn it off.
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Thanks newshound that is exactly what I was looking for .