Wyze Light Strip & Wyze Light Strip Pro power up mode?

Upon power being cycled and restored will the light strip wake up and recall the last mode in which it had been configured ? If so, will it recall both the brightness and individual segment color settings for the Pro Strip

Still awaiting a reply re this question … Thanks

60 days … and still awaiting a reply re this question … Please reply

I am not at a place I can currently test this but let me flag some of the @mavens maybe one of them will know the answer.

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Yes. There are two Power Loss Recovery settings:

  • Turn the light on
  • Maintain previous state

Both will return the strip to the last settings it had, IF the strip was on when it lost power. If the strip was off, then only the “Maintain Previous State” will power the strip back up dark.

I see there may also be an initialization flash when power is restored. The regular strips sometimes do a dim flash before returning to the previous settings, but the Pros seem to always flash bright white before they return to previous settings.


Thank You for the reply … The power recovery settings will work well for our kitchen under-counter lighting project where I anticipate having a dedicated wall mounted power switch. I’m looking forward to receiving the strips in the next few weeks.