Wyze Bulb power loss recovery setting not sticking

I had a one-minute power loss overnight and realized that my Wyze Bulb turned itself on (it had been off before the power loss). I went to check the “Power loss recovery” settings and was surprised to see that it was set to “Turn on after power recovery” instead of “Maintain previous state,” which I had manually set it to about six months ago. I know this because the same thing happened then and after a brief power loss the bulb turned on, so I set it to maintain previous state.

I want to suggest that a “Turn off” option be added as well as know if anyone else has seen Wyze Bulb settings not stick. Ever since the first time, I haven’t disconnected or reset that bulb or anything like that, so I’m surprised to see the setting changed.

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Hey jentax

I have the Wyze Bulb v1 (or original or 2019)

I have them set to ‘Maintain previous state’ and haven’t had a problem.

But I do recall cams suffering from various settings-not-sticking recently. So… :slight_smile:

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I haven’t messed with the settings for any of my bulbs in a really long time. I just checked and they were all set to last state where they are supposed to be.

But, I have experienced multiple devices that will revert or change arbitrary settings after a firmware update.

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