Wyze is a Chinese Company ( Discussion Continued)

You’re correct @todwatts… the Keep It Tidy list from the Community Guidelines mentions that in the second bullet point.

There are quite a few posts/threads that should be removed from the forum, but Wyze is quite open to criticism or opposing views which is utterly amazing to me. Other company forums would instantly remove any posts/threads that spew any unfavorable comments (and, suspend members without hesitation if they continue to post negativity towards their products and/or company).

All you can do, is… read, sigh, drink more of your favorite morning beverage and move forward to other threads/posts. Of course, don’t forget you can take the time to flag a post if you want the Mods to review it :face_with_monocle:

Thanks for the laugh. Also, I didn’t realize that coffee was a good way to clean my monitor screen (although, not recommended by the manufacturer).