Wyze is a Chinese Company ( Discussion Continued)

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WYZE is NOT a “Chinese owned” company…

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That was my first thought when I saw the phrase, “new wife” didn’t like the video doorbell…

The “new wife” doesn’t want to get caught cheating while the “new husband” is at work. :sweat_smile:

If WYZE was a Chinese company the AI would be much better :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Well at least it’s just a Alexa. She’s by far the stupidest of the AI. She can’t even spell. Google assistant is off on my phone most of the time. I have nothing else, but I love my cameras. I’ve gone outside and far less than my jockeys, if I wore them. I’d hate to think I was giving someone in China a little thrill. Maybe I should tan for them just in case

The AI recognition has definitely gotten better within the last year.

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Ok, a suitable place to put this particular thought.

Regarding the term ‘cheap Chinese junk.’ In common use I don’t find it particularly offensive, it can be an accurate description: low quality, inexpensive stuff manufactured in China.

Do Chinese folks flinch when they hear this term? I don’t know.

Of course, the Chinese have a reputation for being skillful engineers. They do big things over long time frames. Some large percentage of Chinese government leadership have a background in engineering, from what I understand. They compare favorably in collective IQ.

Everyone knows that US producers (at least) have outsourced manufacturing to China for quite some time now. They contract with Chinese industry to produce ‘cheap junk’ for sale in the US. They also contract with them to produce state-of-the-art stuff.

So, be careful what you ask for, you just might get it. Then bitch about it. Forever. :wink:


Cheap stuff…Yes…and also Excellent workmanship. Look at some of your HiEnd Audio Companies that use China for it’s production (McIntosh, Monitor Audio, I can go on). Even Mr. Wonderful uses China to produce 'Low Cost" products when he teams up with Shark Tank entrepreneurs (one of the first question he asks). It boils down to this with China manufacturing…Cheap Labor Costs, Working Conditions and Political Persecutions that is attached to China (CCP) and Not the working people.


+1 The new Apple iMac is made in China (and was shipped directly from there) and the workmanship is absolutely first class in every aspect.


Getting my head completely around this subject is not easy. I like to zoom out to as great a historical context as I can manage. I try to be objective, insofar as that’s possible. And I hope to find myself on the outskirts of ‘truth.’   :cn: :woozy_face: :us:


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Agree, or?

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I would Agree to this…Middle quality sold at disposable prices.


What a coincidence, was just watching the beginning of the Stan & Ollie biopic on IMDBtv. Not bad.

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When they first came out they were fraught with problems not so much mechanical as they were software and firmware I think they’ve gone past that era and entered an era of a very capable camera. The company is still a little lax on communicating their intentions to the customer what they’ve come along ways and I think they have a place in the industry

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Here’s a question. Is the ‘cheap junk’ Chinese manufacturers are capable of producing sold within China to the Chinese? Or are the Chinese people offered only middle-grade and better quality in a controlled market?

I don’t know.

Wyze ‘private labels’ the Xiaomi camera, adds software and interoperability value and brands it Wyze for sale in the US.

Is anything of quality lower than a ‘Wyze’ offered to consumers in China’s internal market?

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So what if it is. I don’t care. Mashushu, what it is that you are so afraid of? All Tech companies around the world collect information from everyone. If you are worried about it, I would advise you to not using any technologies that are connecting to the Internet.

I appreciate this thread. It’s one of the most informative conversations I’ve found on this forum in regard to Wyze’s products and provides a a deeper look into its relationships. I’m of a mind that there’s never too much transparency when it comes to consumers’ interests. Conversely, it’s common and widely accepted practice for companies to “protect” their operating practices to the detriment of the public. (The worst examples of which might be Johnson & Johnson, the Sackler family and Dupont.). Those are only a few examples of why people have ample reason to question everything.

On the other hand, China is not exclusive in its invasive practices. I’ve worked for several US government agencies and have had firsthand experience with, at the very least, the lack of privacy people should expect here in the USA. The Patriot Act allows government agencies to demand private information on anyone they want from companies and other agencies with no oversight from the courts and no disclosure to the public. If you’re worried about China and not worried about our own government, you might be delusional or uninformed .


So in re ODM vs OEM, doesn’t it seem that Xiaomi is the OEM of the Wyze branded cams? I appreciate learning the distinctions between the two.


I’m sorry to be contrary but my mileage with the equipment and especially the firmware and software, the two factors most directly under Wyze’s control, suggests Wyze is selling DISPOSABLE quality sold at MIDDLING (or higher) prices when I consider performance and build quality vs new customer prices of cam + spotlight ($50) plus outdoor power adapter ($12) plus mounting kit ($4) plus Cam Plus for 1 year ($15) plus SD card ($9 for 32GB).

How is that significantly cheaper than Eufy or Lorex who offer wireless cams with all those features included and with reportedly better build quality, no strings attached and no subscriptions needed?


If no changes are made to the existing design then OEM.

If changes are made then ODM.

In any case the purchasing entity sticks their brand on it.

I think in some products (the cams, at least) Wyze contracts for design changes in subsequent ‘versions’ (V2, V3…) while the V1 may have been pure OEM.

Not my field, though, just playing it out. :slight_smile: