WYZE integration with Google Home

I’m switching from Amazon to Google home devices. My G Home app does not find all of my WYZE hardware (2 cams & 1 outlet plug) when I sign into my Wyze account through the Hm app.
I’ve repeated the process several times with the same results.
How can I get the app to discover the missing devices?

I use Google Home with my Wyze devices. After I linked my Wyze account the first time within GH, every new device I add shows up at the bottom of the GH home page.

It shows my cams, bulbs, plugs, contact sensors, motion sensors, and thermostat.

I prefer Alexa though as GH does not have any options to build routines for my devices.

Thx for response, I did the same but it doesn’t show ‘ALL’ devices even though W does have them.
I may try reinstalling the missing 2 cameras & outlet.