Wyze in Response - Hand Sanitizer

Since Wyze is really doing a public service by selling masks at very reasonable pricing I have one other request. Wyze, please partner with a hand sanitizer company. Its nearly impossible to find and when it is found its highway robbery. If you can find it in small bottles to walk around with and 1 gallon refill bottles or pumps that would make a big difference in my and many peoples lives right now. I have lung disease and have been doing everything I can to stay safe and healthy during this time and thats the only thing missing from keeping it that way.
Thank you for all that you’ve been doing at this time.

Great idea. I will add: Sanitizing Wipes.


Is this something Wyze might consider?

IDK, but I did pass it up the chain in another private comm channel (I’m not a Wyze employee).


We’re probably not going to add more products to Wyze In Response but hand sanitizer had been discussed at one point. :slight_smile: