Wyze IFTTT and Smart Life Groups

Not sure if anyone has experienced this issue but I have several groups of lights in my smart life app. For example, 4 kitchen lights are under Group kitchen lights. Same for hallway and outside lights.

I set the motion sensor to turn on my group basement lights on motion and on clear, turn the group basement lights off. It was working well for a while. Then recently when the motion sensor clears, it turns off all group lights. I re configured it and the same thing happens. My only solution is to trigger for every specific light and not group. So far this work around is successful but very inefficient.

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Unless I misunderstand, this sounds like an IFTTT to Smart Life service issue.

The Wyze motion sensor is just a trigger (That) to IFTTT. It doesn’t have any control of what IFTTT does after IFTTT gets the trigger.

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Agree with @None. I have currently three motion detectors each running a schedule with various amounts of lights in each schedule and I’ve had no issues with them not working. The only issue I had was one motion detector is outside and the battery went dead. Replaced the battery and everything was fine.