WYZE Home Monitoring: Why am I able to Arm the system while zones are still opened and without being notified about those opened Zones from the app?

No, it’s just a warning/notice prominently displayed in the app and announced on the Hub.

I need this as I have several double-doors with a sensor on each door. In the example above, the inside door is open for solar heat, the outer door is closed and locked with a separate entry sensor active and HMS mode set to “Home”. HMS excludes the inner door sensor because it is open. If I close the inner door, HMS notes inner door sensor state change to closed and automatically includes (arms) that sensor for monitoring.

It would be nice to have a confirmation pop-up that warns about this scenario when arming and gives the user a choice to accept/arm with open sensor or cancel/correct instead of assuming intent and arming with an open sensor. That is what “Require Confirmation If Arming Security System with open sensor” asks for.