State of System When Ordered to Arm

I have experience with more than a half dozen alarm systems. The Wyze system is unlike the others in at least one respect. If a door or window is open at the time a system is ordered to arm itself, every system of my acquaintance—except Wyze—notifies the operator of an exception and refuses to arm itself until the open door or window is secured.

Have I (unintentionally) misrepresented the behavior of the Wyze system?

I’m trying to understand why the Wyze system behaves as it does. What benefit, if any, is inherent in the design decision made by Wyze?

Is there some way, perhaps using rules, for the Wyze system to provide the more common behavior? Since the state of the system (disarmed, home, or away) is not testable by a rule, I doubt that this is possible.

Thanks for any information!



Nope. You are on point. Quite correct.

There is a Wishlist topic started in May 2021 requesting this feature. It hasn’t received much :heart: love. :disappointed:

You can support the cause by voting for it, dropping some likes around, and adding a post at the bottom.

Correct. The HMS status has been, by design, quarantined from all rules and routines automation access. No workaround available.