WYZE Home Monitoring: Why am I able to Arm the system while zones are still opened and without being notified about those opened Zones from the app?

I just purchased the Wyze Home Monitoring system & I have one question which I can’t find in the forum.
There is 1 really big feature that is missing and I’m pretty surprised as to how a security system can work and be considered secure without this basic feature…

It’s about the system allowing itself to become “Armed” while Bypassing opened Zones without sufficient notice.

I’ll elaborate below.

Let’s say I’m sitting in my living room (first floor) all day.
The living room has 4 windows with WYZE sensors, and 2 of those windows are opened throughout the day.

In the evening the family & I go upstairs (2nd floor) to sleep for the night.

I want to turn the alarm on for the night.

But silly me forgets to close those 2 windows in the living room.

I get to my room on the second floor & open the WYZE app.

I click on the “HOME” button (under the “Monitoring” tab in the app) which should enable the security system.

Here is what I would HOPE happens:

I get an alert (similar to an error message) on the app BEFORE the alarm is enabled that says something along the lines of “Windows 1 & 2 are opened, would you like to bypass those zones & enable the alarm? “YES, bypass the opened zones & arm” or “NO, do not arm the alarm yet”

This would give me the chance to either go downstairs & shut the windows, or simply bypass those zones if I don’t think there is a risk.

But nope, that doesn’t happen…

Instead I receive ZERO notification about the opened zones in the app.

The only notification I receive when enabling an alarm while there are “opened zones” is from the WYZE Sense hub, it announces something along the lines of “Alarm armed with opened zones”.

That’s it! And it’s not a very loud notification either. (I do not receive this alert to my phone, this alert is only spoken via the Sense Hub).

The alarm does get armed & technically does bypass those 2 opened zones, but I am not notified from the app that there are opened zones AT ALL.

I can’t help but think that maybe I am missing some way to fix this issue that might be obvious in the settings.

Does anybody have any insight on how to disable the auto bypass setting and require me to manually bypass the opened zones when arming the alarm?


Welcome to the forums! I agree this is a needed feature for home-monitoring. This is a requested feature that isn’t available or implemented yet. I did find some Wishlist topics on this that you can check out, vote on to show support, and comment with your use case to help along;



But that doesn’t stop you from arming it in that state if you want right? It’s just a visual warning or indicator?

I should sign back up for HMS…


No, it’s just a warning/notice prominently displayed in the app and announced on the Hub.

I need this as I have several double-doors with a sensor on each door. In the example above, the inside door is open for solar heat, the outer door is closed and locked with a separate entry sensor active and HMS mode set to “Home”. HMS excludes the inner door sensor because it is open. If I close the inner door, HMS notes inner door sensor state change to closed and automatically includes (arms) that sensor for monitoring.

It would be nice to have a confirmation pop-up that warns about this scenario when arming and gives the user a choice to accept/arm with open sensor or cancel/correct instead of assuming intent and arming with an open sensor. That is what “Require Confirmation If Arming Security System with open sensor” asks for.


Is this Androind or iOS (Apple)?
Because I do not get this notification at all anywhere on my iOS app.
My system is armed, but several of my zones are “opened” & I have zero notification anywhere on the app regarding the opened zones.
(I tried adding Screenshots to this reply. but I am a new user on the Wyze forum, so I am limited & cannot add screenshots just yet :frowning: )

I also checked, and I am on the latest firmware version on iOS (


That’s from the Android app. Perhaps there’s a bug in the iOS app? I’ll try to check from an iPhone later today.


Did a quick test on your issue today. iOS app definitely has a bug. I’ll capture a developer log, submit and post the Log ID here sometime tomorrow and also post in Fix-It Friday 12/2/22.


That’s a bummer.
It’s a pretty big issue (security risk) that I am surprised doesn’t get more attention (especially from the Wyze team).

Thanks for submitting!

This topic is NOT solved! I usually arm my system using the keypad, so I get no information that there is an open door or window. Whenever the system is arming, it should verbally tell you that there are open doors or windows and it should not fully arm the system unless either those entry points are closed or manually bypassed.