Wyze home monitoring hub siren speaker disconnect

I understand Home Monitoring siren is essential,
but, I really wish there is a option: to turn it off, since there is none, I am thinking to disconnect the siren speaker wire,
my Question is : will it be okay? will it damage the circuit? is it safe?
please let me know thanks.

I’m sure it will be fine, although it will most likely void your warrently. You can use the #wishlist to suggest this feature!

thanks for your feedback, my living room doesn’t allow the siren, that’s why,
it also came to the second thought : because the setup announcement has also be came from the same siren speaker, it will be a problem, if I disconnect it, any suggestion?
thanks again.

I watched the wyze home monitoring introduction vedio, seems that the triggered siren has to be turned off by the subscripted alarm center is that correct ?

Sorry, I don’t have the HMS, but I think @R.Good could answer those questions :smiley:

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The siren can be turned off at the keypad or from the Wyze app.