Wyze Home Monitoring how to trigger sirens from Wyze Cam v3?

A few days ago I’ve finished installing my new Wyze Home Monitoring. It’s obviously a big step forward compared with the previous “sensors set”. But still big room for improvement, some of the missing features are almost a must-have.

Does anyone know how to pair v3 cams in order to trigger their sirens once the main siren starts? In my case, only the siren from the Sense Hub is working once an alarm is triggered.

Besides this, other features that maybe I’ve missed and I like to have:

  1. Multi-user support for PIN code
  2. Different level of volume for hub’s siren between alarm sound and exit/entry delay sound. I live in an apartment and with the actual volume, all my close neighbours are knowing when we are leaving or coming home.
  3. Portable Fob with basic function: ARM/DISARM/PANIC… very useful for grandparents
  4. Panic button what will activate only local sirens, not involving Noonlight service

Plus One! I was looking exactly for this… I have multiple v3 and all of them going off with the HUB would be a superb function!!

As of this time, the only sound device is the hub. I believe others have asked to be able to use the sirens in the V3s or another add on but no way to do either right now.