Wyze home monitoring Core Starter Kit shipping to Canada?

Quick question: is the Core Starter Kit shipping to Canada? If yes, how much?

Don’t really need the full home monitoring service, just notifications that a door or window is open (working from home, when I’m in the office I don’t always see/know if a door wasn’t closed properly and opened by a gust a wind or by some inquisitive wildlife). Add to that motion detection & notification to my mobile phone when I’m away might be a good thing to have. Not that I live in a rough neighbourhood, but one never knows.

I already have a v3 cam to let me know if the postie stopped by with my mail or if a package was dropped on my front porch; the monitoring core starter kit would complement it nicely.


At this moment the starter kit is only available with the home monitoring service, which I doubt works in Canada. Wyze has said multiple times it will release the core kit as a stand-alone product, eventually.

Thanks for the answer!