Wyze Headphones with Nintendo Switch for wireless chat?

Hi all…Happy Thanksgiving!!!

A question for those who maybe tested the headphones. Did anyone test connectivity to the Nintendo Switch and wireless audio + voice chat?? My son has this need, and no luck finding a solution yet. Maybe these headsets work?? Example…Fortnite on Switch playing across the room and being able to chat.


My daughter uses this to pair her headphones and air pods to her Nintendo switch.

Awesome…this is the one I was just looking to get. Do you know if the voice chat works with this? Has anyone paired the Wyze headset to this?

Yes, voice chat works perfect. I have not paired my Wyze headphones, but have paired other over the ear headphones.

Only downside is you have to unplug it to charge the switch as it doesn’t have a pass through usb-c port.

Thanks so much for the feedback…appreciate it!!!

Hi all…so I got this adapter, but it’s not working as expected. It seems the adapter will pass through audio to the Wyze headset, but the issue is with the mic. This device does allow for the “internal mic” to work, but doesn’t pass through to use the headset mic. This is okay if you are close by the adapter, but my son wants to sit across the room and listen and chat through the headset. Any other ideas (without buying a different headset?) Thanks!

Im not familiar with audio settings on the Switch, but check the microphone setting. I had similar issue on PC/Discord in that the mic didnt work until I looked and saw that there were two separate wyze headphones microphone options. Changing to the one that it wasnt set on fixed it.