Wyze Headphones too tight? Squeezing my head

I got my Headphones a couple weeks ago as an early backer. Overall I’m very impressed using them with my iPhone, MacBook Pro, Apple TV and iPad. I seem to have to re-pair them from time to time, but otherwise the headphones are very impressive, especially for the cost.

BUT, they feel a bit too tight on my head which makes them uncomfortable and they feel hot after a while. Is there a safe way to open them up more, or stretch the headband so they don’t squeeze my skull so much?

I’ve tried to (gently) stretch them by pulling the ear cans back and apart, also by just stretching the band so as not to put too much pressure on the plastic joints, but I don’t want to hurt them.

Anyone else dealing with this? Any ideas?


Big headed user here and looking for suggestions as well. This is my biggest complaint about these. I wish they would have mimic’d the Bose’s clamping force.

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I have the same issue. It’s noticeable for me when I have the headphones on for 30 minutes or more. It’s uncomfortable.

I’ve adjusted the band, but no luck. It’s like I want another inch of memory foam padding. I do find if I till the headband a bit forward it helps.

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Same here. Yeah, I have a big head. I also have non-stop sinus pressure this time of year and haven’t used the headphones nearly as much as I’d like because of the discomfort.

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Ditto, I can really feel the weight of them on top of my head and the side pressure is really uncomfortable after a while. I have several other sets of headphones of similar size (and bigger/heavier) and don’t have this issue but they don’t have noise cancelling so perhaps they need to be stupid tight, can’t see me sticking with them much longer unfortunately, not without modification at least

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Same experience here. I love everything about these except for how tight they are. It gets quite uncomfortable for me after a half hour or so, to the point where I may just start using my old corded headphones for longer sessions.

I see there are quite a few other comments along the same lines, but I haven’t seen any responses from Wyze. Do they normally monitor this forum and respond with advice or feedback?

Not sure, just joined the forum when looking for others with the same issue, I made my own Bluetooth headphones last year by using some nice big 80s wired headphones and putting the guts of some Philips Bluetooth headphones in them with better drivers, tempted to do the same with these because I dont think different pads (if they actually release them) will help especially on the top of the head and my pair made in the 80s are way more comfortable!

I have the same issue. I also have a pair of SteelSeries Arctis 3s that I use for online teaching. One thing I have done with those is to place them on a box or other object that is slightly wider than my head when not wearing them. This has helped alleviate that pressure. It tends to return when they are placed in a hardshell case for a while or simply left unused.

I haven’t tried this yet with my Wyze headphones, but it is a possible solution to try.

I’ve been using my GF yoga block as a tip from someone else. It does work but not as much as I hoped. It does make it bearable but I have basically use the block as my headphone holder. Otherwise it does go back to it’s original shape.

OK, they don’t feel as uncomfortable as they did in this past. However, I’m not certain if they loosened up or I adjusted to the feeling.