Wyze Headphones Earpiece

Has anyone else had this happen? I had both earpieces extended all the way out and when I went to put them on the right side snapped. I’m definitely not rough on equipment and it’s just my wife and I in our household. If I slide it back in and only extend the left side it still works but It’s a little snug for my liking. I really like these headphones and they perform very well. I have two pairs that we use for listening to music and podcasts.

I’ve not had this specific issue but I’ve had one earpiece become loose after folding them a few times. It seems like there is a QC issue. I really like these but am going to have to contact support as I’m worried it will get worse and make the headphones unusable.

I had to buy a bulky hard case that allow me to store the headphones without having to fold them flat. I had a pair of Bose that folded flat and the earpiece always firmly returned to the open state so it is disappointing to have these loosen just after a few uses and to require a bulky case so I don’t have to fold them. It would be better for travel to be able to use a thinner hard case like the Bose has.