Wyze Headphones Firmware 2.1.133 and Wyze Sprinkler Controller Firmware 1.0.4 Released - 5/19/21

Hello, Forum Friends!

Wyze Headphones firmware 2.1.133 and Wyze Sprinkler Controller firmware 1.0.4 are releasing today! The headphones firmware fixes a bug that caused reboot during calls and improves the auto-pause algorithm. The sprinkler controller firmware adds an emergency stop function for zones running more than 3 hours. :headphones: :droplet:

Read our Release Notes:


Thanks. Just installed the Sprinkler update. Can I assume that the “emergency stop for zones running more than 3 hours” is now a default? Not something that I have to turn on? I browsed through the Sprinkler settings and didn’t find a setting for this. Don’t get me wrong. I want it turned on. Just want to make sure it isn’t something that I need to do and am not seeing it.

Actually, as I type this, it would have been even better if the emergency shut off duration was a user settable option. I’d probably set mine to 1 hour.