Wyze Headphbones unwanted muting

I’ve been using my headphones to watch tv. They are the most comfortable headphones I’ve ever worn so it is nothing to wear then for hours. Unfortunately, if try to slip a finger under a headphone to scratch my ear or if I adjust them on my head the headphones mute automatically as if I took them off. Is there any way to turn off the auto-mute function? It’s quite annoying. Sometimes just taking off the headphones then puttinng them back on will work. Other times I have to reboot the headphones to get them to un-mute. The automatic mute function is a good idea but it is way too sensitive for my taste.

It should only auto mute if your hand at least partially covers the outside on the right side, but not slipping a finger underneath. I’ll have to test mine and see

To be clear, this is more like the muting function that happens when you take off the headphones. I don’t know how the headphones detect when they are removed but if I move the headphones just a little bit about half the time the phones mute. I have to take them off, wait for a second, then put them back on to trigger the unmute action when they detect that they are back on my head. I’ve even triggered the muting by turning my head and having the chair cushion push on the headphone.

If there was a way to turn off the on or off-ear detection function or a way to adjust the sensitivity of said function it would fix the problem.

I’m curious as to whether you could duplicate the problem. Assuming I don’t have a lemon, it is almost a certainty that others are experiencing the same situation.