Audible feedback for mute and different audible feedback for unmute status

(I searched wishlist for anything pertaining to mute, but if I missed it, someone please correct me.)

Got the Wyze Headphones yesterday and paired them today.

While I love that I can quickly/easily tap on the right earcup to mute and unmute, does anyone else think it less than ideal that the audio feedback is identical for mute and unmute with no difference as to which one has been activated?

I’d like to be given some kind of brief audible confirmation as to which state is now in effect.

A pair of Jabra headphones I own say, “Muted” or “Unmuted” with each press of the mute/unmute button. That or maybe one beep for muted, two beeps for unmuted?

As-is, there’s only one sound for mute and the same sound (to my hearing) for unmute. The light doesn’t flash or change color or anything else to indicate which status is active.

Yes, I know that I could just test what is currently active by talking and seeing if anyone hears me, but for 95% of my calls, I dial in, remain muted for the entire duration until it’s my turn to talk and without a way of knowing if I’m muted or unmuted when I join the call, I could be (unintentionally) unmuted for most of the call (and hope my dog doesn’t bark), tap the earcup and be (unintentionally) muted when I want to speak, and then my boss assumes that I fell asleep or something when I “fail” to respond to his question. Less than ideal.

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Erp! Thanks!

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How do I vote for this feature? (edit) I found the big blue Vote button :D.

Yes please! But please NO voice notification for unmute (like Jabra mentioned above).

My favorite for conference calls is the Plantronics headphones. When you press the mute button, they beep and say something like “Mute enabled”, and if I press the button again to unmute, it just beeps.

Only having a beep on the unmute is VERY important… it allows you to quickly go from mute to answering someone’s question (without a voice talking over you saying “unmuted” or “mute disabled”). I would find that very frustrating.

Also, it would be amazing if pressing the mute button could interact directly with Zoom, Uberconference, GotoMeeting, Webex, Google Meet, etc. so that your mute status shows for everyone else. On my plantronics, the mute is at the headphones level, so people think I’m unmuted and always remind me to mute myself :roll_eyes: . Currently only Google Meet recognizes the headphones are on mute… so it would be great if all conference programs could be told to mute.

So count my vote in on this issue.

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