Wyze Gun Safe - First Impression

Too funny, when I was getting my fingers scanned in the past, the electronic scanners would not work properly. they finally gave up and pulled out the ink and paper. :slight_smile:

Not sure the extent to which safe data gets transmitted can even be known without access to their cloud platform, raw traffic, etc. TBH, though, my concerns go beyond that technical minutiae. Purchases and any online utilization can somehow be logged if someone desired to aggregate that data in a manner customers weren’t expecting. Think Neustar & Rodney Joffe.

And even if the key lock truly appears to be an independent physical mechanism, it wouldn’t surprise me if that could be overridden somehow. I’m thinking that a disassembly teardown of one of these is in order… :smile:

To me, the most pertinent question about a wyze gun safe is simply “Why?" Outside of being prone to key loss, why introduce any connectivity into something like this? The cool factor doesn’t outweigh snooping implications.

True, I have been in IT for 36+ years and I agree that anything is possible. Security has definitely changed and has gotten a lot better. But I never say never. except for now :slight_smile:

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I’ve been in IT since 1990, so you have a few years on me… Ha!

As far as security goes, there is built-in snooping by design that is more concerning than brute force hacking of encrypted traffic. Doubtful the former would be disclosed.

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absolutely true. My career started with communication, to Hardware to Security, to Development. :slight_smile: Now I manage and am eligible to retire. I have seen a lot as I am sure you have.

We even built things into apps to ensure systems are running as expected and phones home if there is an issue. Of course, this is a controlled environment and not released to the public. So I understand what you are saying.

However, I have had no issue with any of my Wyze Products to warrant any concern. I have read posts of concerns, but I have not experienced any security concerns.

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Even things like this, embedded with the best of intentions, can be misused if the wrong elements get control of it. Just like your vehicle is a helpful conveyance, in the wrong hands it becomes a deadly crowd killer… :confused:


Wyze did have a rather large data breach a couple of years ago. Haven’t looked at the thread in a while, but there were thousands of posts in it. All tokens were forcibly reset and a number of other recommendations issued.

This was it:

OMG talk about paranoia! Maybe you should live off the grid and keep your guns and money in a can buried in your yard. lol

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We’ll see if you feel the same way when you’re suddenly denied access to your firearm by your high-tech “safe”… it’ll be safe even from you… :wink:

Feel free to call me paranoid, but I’m not the one seeing pink flashes everywhere… :upside_down_face: I seem to recall that Wyze actually offered you replacements for all of these troubled cams. Why have you not yet accepted that offer instead of continuing to post repetitively months on end? I once heard that a definition of insanity is trying the same thing continually and expecting different results… Just sayin :man_shrugging:t2:

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The information entered to access the safe has been marketed to be stored on the safe and not in the cloud.

At this time, and based on my usage, I have no reason to believe otherwise.

I do a lot of device dissection threads but not sure I will be breaking this one down anytime soon. It has a bit larger of a price tag, but this also coming from the guy who took apart a Video Doorbell pro to find out what the PIR sensor model was. Accidentally let the smoke out of that one.

Pretty sure I won’t ever be locked out of my safe. It does also have a key to manually unlock it.

And I’m not the only one with the V2/Pan pink flash issue. Replacing the camera’s won’t fix the problem, because it’s the firmware causing it. I know this for a fact because I have over a dozen V2 cameras and they all got this issue when there was a firmware update a while back ago. I even connected a new V2 camera right from the box, and it didn’t have the issue until I let the update take place.

No need to wait… enter the code from the physical keypad and it resets the fingerprint reader lockout.

When storing a print, make sure you scan the sides and tip of your finger in addition to flat center. Do it like an inked fingerprint card… roll your finger from one side to the other, then rock from base of pad to tip and then do 4 flat reads in all compass points.

Yes, I could enter my code on the keypad but that takes longer than just using my finger. And I know how to store my fingerprint with the print sensor, but thanks. I only had to scan my finger once on my iPhone 7 Plus many years ago and have not had one issue where it didn’t read my print to unlock. So again, I think there is a software issue for the print sensor, or it could be that Wyze used a very low quality sensor. I really like this safe but am not a huge fan of Wyze anymore. They have disappointed me with their lack of fixing software issues.

You’ve alluded to something I just became aware of.

I just discovered thr striking doppelgänger of the Wyze Cam v3 in the Xiaomi Xiaofang cam that seems to have been selling for $12.50 from Chinese retailers until (coincidentally?) a few years ago when Wyze was founded.

Am I wrong in making what seems like a logical assumption that Wyze is slapping its brand name on products, like the v3, manufactured by Xiaomi?

Are all of Wyze’s products made by Xiaomi?

UPDATE: Nevermind. After further poking around, I found an older thread wherein @carverofchoice providing his research on the subject. Thanks @carverofchoice.

(List of Wyze Suppliers, Which Products They Supply, & More)

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BINGO!!! You can pass go to collect $200. Relabled Aliexpress goods.

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I love your tinfoil hat! I must get the name of your designer.

Have you heard that Elvis and JFK were personally involved in testing this safe? And George Soros gets a weekly update every time you open the safe? (Seriously… he gets the Sasquatch to do the reviews.)

(Oh… and the 2nd Ammendment says a “well REGULATED militia”… not a “well MEDICATED militia”…)


Don’t assume you know my political bent as I ask you what you know about what happens when law enforcement agencies know a home they are called to has weapons in it. They automatically presume the occupants are armed and dangerous before they knock on the door, even if their reason for coming to the home is due to a non-criminal complaint. Are you comfortable with the prospect of answering the door to find officers with weapons drawn simply because a neighbor calls because your music is too loud?

If your answer is yes, just be sure you have sufficient privilege to overcome their lawful justification to employ maximum use of force based on probable cause to fear for their lives due to their prior knowledge that you have weapons on the premises.

An appropriate amount of concern shouldn’t be the exclusive domain of any one position on the political spectrum.

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Sounds like you might’ve stumbled across a lost cache of clichés en route to a Saul Alinsky workshop… :thinking:

Prudent concerns.

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Was thinking…

Wyze seems kinda PC. But they’re in the security space. Their ‘be$t’ :moneybag: customers skew conservative, I’ll bet.

Guns are at the far end of the security spectrum.

Only natural they’d help the ‘average’ :money_with_wings: customer secure their implements of defense.

Eh? :slight_smile:

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Wyze reminds me of a Brookstone catalog. The Marketing Department should contact the Airlines to print catalogs for the Plane Seat Pockets. I would though buy a E-Bicycle if they made it… :rofl: