Wyze Glitch or Dog Mastermind? What’s Goin’ on?

Sometimes when I’m looking for a particular moment, the specific footage with the action I’m after is simply not there. Or sometimes it’s there, but the audio has vanished. Of course that only happens when it’s the sound that I’m after.
Look at these screenshots for example.
I’m trying to catch my dog when he befouls my floor, preferably before it’s too late. Wyze cams are great for this! Unfortunately, I was asleep at this time.
11:08- no doo-doo.
No data for 2min
11:10- doo-doo
Now you tell me. Is this a glitch that any of you have observed with your cameras, or has my evil-genius dog now figured out how to erase data to cover his tracks? image

The only thing I can think of is maybe the cam power cycled for some reason, I assume you have it continuously record so it should capture everything. Other option is your dog knows how to use your phone to turn off cam while he does his business or knows how to unplug it and plug it back in.

just an idea as I am the card nerd around these parts…what SD card are you using?

I always buy the Wyze cards.

It’s just bizarre how my cameras record nothing all day long, then they just happen to gork-out during the 2min when something is actually happening. Maybe it’s some sort of Gypsy curse. :thinking:

very possible, it is getting to that spooky time of year, but I’m going to blame the cards in this case as well. in talks with Wyze I have found that they are sadly not endurance cards so it is possible they would be more prone to failure than the alternative endurance cards. but on the upside, Wyze backs their products and if one becomes corrupted notify support and they will take care of you.

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Brilliant idea!
I never considered the possibility of it being the card. :thinking: Although I have another camera that stopped recording entirely. I was just going to buy another card for it. I didn’t consider asking Wyze if they’d replace it.
Two solutions in one answer! Thanks! :partying_face:

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( insert billie mays voice) BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE!!! :joy:

for tips on good card, check out this topic. there was a lot of use of a Samsung card. ( what I generally use too) I am still looking for one instance of an endurance card failure and have yet to find one.

also keep in mind our cameras to have a warranty if the card solution does not work out. But I think it will.

glad I could help.