Never recorded video of my last day with my dog

My review on Google app store is true.
My anger is so hot right now to start the app has so many bugs in it I can’t even begin to get into that. So I don’t have any notifications loaded up and it has said that it suppose to record all day. We had our final goodbye with our dear dog Presley in our front yard. All my family said goodbye. My mom mother in law father in law and both daughter’s kissed her goodbye. She was outside on our grass right infront of this garbage camera. We all hugged her before she had to be taken to the vet to be put down she was in so much pain. And the camera didn’t record any of this moment. I will never get to
rememberr this moment to show my kids. This is why people use this camera. I will never be a provider again. I have 3 people on my street who use your provider and I will continue to tell ever person I know what this company has done to turn them away so they don’t lose another moment like we have, you have destroyed the last moments we had with our dog of 11 years to show our kids when they get older.

Signing off forever

Rip Presley.

Welcome to the Wyze community @jpo!
Sorry about your dog!

Did you have an SD card in the camera? This would be the only to continuously record. If you do, go the camera livestream and “view playback”. If this isn’t working, try removing the card and putting it in your computer to view the video. (Do this ASAP because the video may be recorded over soon!)

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No I don’t. My plan wasn’t to buy one due to having the so called person detection and it will record the moment. Or I should say a competent company that doesn’t have a million bugs on their app. You cans we from the Google Play store reviews how damaged it really is. You really get what you pay for in this case I spent less and lost a moment in time. Won’t ever make this mistake again.

It is clearly stated there is a 5 minute cooldown between recordings which are only 12 seconds, if you have a cam plus subscription that cooldown and 12 seconds limit is removed. Also with an SD card you get continuous recording, which Is also clearly stated everywhere, this is not mostly a wyze issue.


Just so you know this isn’t another sorry about your luck situation. People have real issues with this company. Not recording a special moment with my dog Presley or worse what if someone was to break into my home and steal or do worse. Will a sorry about your luck be all you guys do. This will be passed along to as many people I can so I hope they don’t make the same mistake I did.

Looks like your biggest mistake was that you did not follow directions on how the equipment works. You did not put a uSD card into the camera and expected it to record.


It turns off during the day there is nothing set for this as to why it goes off. But thanks for telling me about the cooldown period glad that was my issue bud.

Yes correct I did not buy an SD card. Thinking it would record during movement like this camera’s is made for.

This is stated by Wyze that the camera only records 12 seconds of video for motion and sound alerts with a 5 minute cool-down period(gap) between triggers. The buyer is responsible to find out information about a prod before they buy! The cameras will record video and work as intended if you set them up to the fullest extent.

I don’t work for Wyze. I’m just a user who’s trying to help you. I do understand your situation and I’m sorry about the problem!


My condolences and sorry the camera didn’t do what you expected. We all learned pretty quickly that without the paid CamPlus service we are limited to 12 second clips at best. For some “use cases” this is fine, but obviously not for a “special moments” kind of thing. :frowning:


Presley is a pretty girl.
I had 2 Black Labs for 14 years each. We have a 6 year old Chocolate Lab now.
Years from now you will remember the fun and funny times with her without needing video.
I’m not making excuses for your camera not doing what you expected. Just letting you know that video isn’t necessary to remember a long time friend.


Cam plus is not necessary for this instance , all that would be required would be an SD card


I will add here that I’m sorry for your loss, I’ve been there, it is heartbreaking to lose a loved pet.


Dude, dont blame wyze for the loss of your dog.
Every knows to double check triple.check tech. None of it is perfect.

I’ve never had any issues with recording. Are you sure it wasn’t user error?

I do sympathize about your dog. I’m nothing without mine. Sorry.

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Put mini SD cards in ALL of your cams and this probably won’t happen again.

Also, for this big of an event…perhaps you should have video taped the situation on a smart phone or video camera, no offense. I’d be pissed too.

The cameras are totally capable of recording such an event , there is no reason to be upset with the camera or the company, when user is unfamiliar with functions of the product


I’ve had no luck with Wyze and SD cards. I’d much rather trust a phone and/or handheld camera for something important.

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