Wyze Gaming Headphones - Volume too low

Can anyone tell me why the volume on the gaming headset is SO low?? I have it nearly maxed out both on the PC and the headset itself. None of my other headsets I have used has had this issue. Is there a setting I am missing on the PC?

There are some weird things with windows audio and headphones. I believe the Wyze gaming headphones will show up in windows as 2 diffrent devices, one like “hands free audio device” or something and another as something else. Maybe try using the other “device” instead of whatever it defaults to?

I’m sure someone else can provide more details but I know from experience windows audio is weird…

I figured there might be something going on there. Yes windows does show it twice. One is the dongle the other are the headphones itself. I’ll double check on those. Thank you!

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Has anyone figured out a fix or heard anything about this? I’m still having issues with the headset volume being way too low despite it being maxed out on the PC and nearly maxed out on the headset.