Wyze Forums limiting user posts?!

So, I was answering some questions, and asking a couple on another thread, the thread was varied and had several interesting issues.
I answered a couple posted questions, and then was about to post asking about a solar panel mentioned…

Get a pop-up saying


Now I understand that this is not always an issue as normally there is significant activity on the site so there are always answers flowing back and forth, so I’ve never run into it before.

Why such a poorly considered policy on a USER based forum?

On slow days, is it desirable to limit multiple contributions to strictly forum admins?

Consider that threads have many more than one, two, or three posited issues or questions, typically many more, running in the same topic, so it is not unusual to have that many pending questions, without responses.

There, that’s the PG version of what’s going through my reactive mind right now…

I contribute to SmartThings, I contribute to Eufy/Anker, I contribute to Amazon, Microsoft, and dozens on Reddit.

None of these forums limit user interactions, they take other measures to prevent brute spam attacks, but otherwise open. Why? They realize that if a contributor is abusing their posting privilege, then that user is dealt with by the forum moderators.

Please adjust your limit please. Thank you so very much!!

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The no more than three consecutive posts restriction is a spam prevention measure.

The max consecutive post setting is global for the site. It can’t be set by category or overridden.


I understand what the intent is, I am asserting that the intent is poorly considered.

What’s the problem? We have seemingly endless edit window capability. This rule just discourages multiple rambling posts from a single user when he or she could instead have modified their existing post. I think it’s absolutely fine, personally. I’ve posted things that no one responded to. I live with it and move on.

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Perhaps, I shouldn’t have used my inside voice in my post. What my post should have said, is that to restrict to three prevented me from answering several questions in that thread. Because Wyze forums have such a poorly separated topic system, many varied and different questions are posited, re-asked, clarified, and continued in those threads.
This means that USERS attempting to Answer questions these USERS forums are unable to do so.

So, I guess I’m asking for clarification, are you indicating that users are no longer welcome to post answers for other users? Are you positing that a user that wishes to answer more than three questions is now considered Spam? Are you wishing users to no longer bother to try and assist other users? Are you indicating that only Forum Admins will be handling all questions posted?

Okay, now that may be clearer.

It’s not really clear to me, no. You’re aware you’re perfectly able to quote multiple posts and address them en masse, individually, within the same reply, even edited over time? I honestly don’t understand the problem?

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So, having a globbed mass of answers, that doesn’t tie to each individual question, just one that you pick at random, is not as clean a method…,


Quick example:

User A, B, C, and D ask different questions in the thread.

If I respond to all, which user should get the notification that there’s an answer to their question, A,B,C, or D???

How does the user verify which subsequent post refers to theirs?

If these were cleanly separated topics, fine, this forum doesn’t do that.

Many sub-threads exist simultaneously in the one master topic.

Nope, you’re mistaken. People are notified every time they are quoted here. You are complaining about a problem that doesn’t exist.

Okay, once more;

When I responded to you right now, you got a notification. When you clicked on that notification, you were taken to my answer.

If you wish to see the post I was addressing, simply clicking the pointer will take you to that specific post. In a large topic, without the pointer to the comment being addressed, yuu can not be sure what anyone is answering.

If I didn’t respond to you, the only way that you would be aware of the response is if you are monitoring that thread.

A workaround is not a solution for a poorly considered change to a poorly constructed forum that combines multiple topics in one thread.

Responding at length doesn’t make you any less mistaken. Please re-read what I am trying to to tell you. It’s not a workaround at all. Quote (or simply “@”) the people to whom you are addressing your sterling advice. They will be dutifully notified. And can it with the insults, bub. Happy Thanksgiving.

No insults there, bub, since that moniker appeals to you.

If you do not understand my perspective that a conglomerated thread does not lend itself to finding responses directed to a particular post, and that a threaded conversation weaves in and out of the main mass topics, then we appear to agree to strongly disagree.

If you wish to engage in a discussion of a combative nature, then feel free to discuss with others, as I’ll posit my answers in a manner that is appropriate.

I agree with @Customer.
I personally like the limit.
If you need to respond to more than 3 posts then edit the last one, add quotes, use their call such as @alanizat and it will notify them specifically that someone is addressing them.

Since this forum doesn’t visually thread well (like say Reddit) it’s not really necessary to have direct linking, just use their username with the at symbol. Use quotes, use editing.

It gets annoying to watch a thread and get constant notifications from the same person when they could’ve combined everything instead.

But your preference is as valid as any other.
Someone will probably respond in the thread soon and you can post 3 more then

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I appreciate the feedback, I’m aware of adding @username for the purpose of multiple addressees, if your personal preference is to use mass answers, that’s your process, and as stated, your preference.

I view it as limiting the ability of one user to answer multiple questions quickly, succinctly, and on point for the individual asking the question.

I use the limited threading ability this affords to track the comment chain within the topic. Without this, one is left with scrolling back through what can be a very lengthy topic to find the post the comment addresses.

The spamming that you refer to is only in play if, indeed, someone is posting multiple questions, or out of control with a diatribe.

It would be fine to adjust the limit to only cap on questions not responses, but there is no distinction in this forum software.

One key function of the moderators are to facilitate/handle spammers and/or disruptors. This ability would not be diminished if the cap was adjusted.

Also, I do have a sense of humor, and appreciate your mention that now I can place three more comments!!

I’m smiling, it is Thanksgiving baby!!

I spend way too much time on this forum, but I find it educational and I try to help out where I can. So I was curious how the poster could possibly have encountered an issue that I have NEVER encountered and have NEVER seen another person so much as mention. I compared histories to be sure; perhaps he or she was busy helping out scores of people and I was unaware. Nope. This is just a very minor usability complaint from someone who is a relative newbie. Oh well, everybody has an itch. :slight_smile:


You Sir, are a giant among contributors, I salute you!! I, a meager contributor, doff my cap to you good Sir!

I view it as bad form to try to demean a users value in such a fashion.


And to use a second post, this happened today, when most happy people are eating Turkey!!

It may be fine most times, but problematic during others!!

@customer @carverofchoice

And a third, to say, and I mean this earnestly brother, have a Happy Thanksgiving!!
@Customer @carverofchoice

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Hi, I’m a forum moderator and I’ll jump in here with a bit of explanation. The three consecutive post limit is a spam and diatribe preventive measure. It has been discussed with Wyze management the option of relaxing this limit. However, it was decided that the limit will not be relaxed. So that’s not going to change.

The alternative, as has been discussed above, is to either @mention other users or even better, to quote small portions of their posts all within a single reply. I would not consider that a workaround but just a different way of replying.

Regarding threads that meander off topic: Our Community Guidelines require that threads remain on a single topic. However, the differentiation is not alway a black and white matter. But if you see a thread that is wandering off topic, please use the forum flag feature and flag the post. If you flag as “Something Else”, then you can provide a brief explanation of your thoughts about why it’s off topic. If the moderators agree, we will split those posts off to their own topic.

Finally, several of the posts above are ad hominem (addressing the poster rather than the subject matter). Some of these are treading right on the edge of our Community Guidelines . I have not edited or deleted any of those posts so far, but I will ask that all posters in this thread please be respectful of each other and stick to the subject matter only.



Duly noted, Happy Thanksgiving Sir!