Moderator locked my thread without explaining their reason

I realize that the moderators here are volunteers but I think that at times they take there duties too
seriously. Just because a similar question had been asked 9 months ago why can’t it be posted again as a new topic. A lot has changed with Wyze since November 2018. I just received a message an hour ago that my post was being locked and any further posts on this subject be attached to a 2018 post. Like most people that visit this forum I own a number of Wyze products, many that didn’t exist in 2018, and only post when I have a serious question and hope to get an answer as soon as possible. While am obviously miffed that my post was locked, I have observed this type of response from moderators on other posts as well.

Emily Postnews would have told you to combine with the old thread.
The proliferation of similar threads by people that ignore older threads just leads to a very cluttered forum.