Wyze Community Moderators

Hey everyone!

I’m super pleased to announce some new moderators for this forum! You’ve seen them helping out and lurking around for sure.

Drum roll

You’ve seen them around and they know their stuff! Please welcome our new mods:

What do our mods do?

Once again, welcome! Say hi if you see them around!


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I noticed and cleaned the thread. I believe you can delete your account. Should be under user settings

Why can’t a moderator delete the posts from the Russian Trolls ???

We do have mechanics in place to filter those out but it doesn’t seem to catch all. We’re removing those posts as we see them.

Please don’t go! :frowning: Is there anything I can do to change your mind? Your forum account is the same you use to log into your Wyze app account, meaning we can’t remove it if you’re still an active user of our camera.

There have been 2 in the WYZE News topic since yesterday. Thanks for all that the Moderators do.


Xxx I can assure you that won’t happen again. I wasn’t a moderator when allot of things were going on and neither was RickO , although we are always around lurking. Stick around. None of that will transpire anymore.

Hello Moderators,

I could use a little help please and I don’t know how to reach out to you except through posts. I’m not feeling the love on my thread that I started “3D Printed Mounts – STL Files” and it is probably because not everyone has a 3d printer. I was wondering if you could change the title to “Share your Mounting Options”… That way we can see how people on mounting their WyzeCams…




Done! Yes, it’s interesting to see how and where people are mountig their Wyze Cams. I don’t have a 3D printer but if I had I’d definitely try it!

Thanks for doing it so quickly!! Just trying to share the love here wanting to get people thinking there is more that just that magnetic base.